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Welcome to the Companion Website for Linear Algebra and its Applications, Global Edition.

Linear Algebra and its Applications, Global Edition

The main goal of Linear Algebra and its Applications is to help students master the basic concepts and skills they will use later in their careers. The topics here follow the recommendation of the Linear Algebra Curriculum Study Group, which were based on a careful investigation of the real needs of the students and a consensus among professionals in many disciplines that use linear algebra. Hopefully this course will be one of the most useful and interesting mathematics classes taken by undergraduates.

Student resources includes selected material from the textbook and study guide, Getting Started with Technology, data sets, case studies and applications, and review materials.

Instructor Resources are available for download from our online catalog. Two chapters are available online for class testing, only for instructor-download. Chapter 9 (Optimization) and Chapter 10 (Finite-State Markov Chains) are available in PDF format, with odd-answers for students and complete answers and many solutions for instructors. All instructor resources are password-protected.

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