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Victim data set: general information

A forensic psychologist is interested in the relationship between geographical factors and criminal victimization. Information is collected from a substantial sample of participants on the following variables.

The data has already been entered into an SPSS data spreadsheet for you and is available from this link: Victim study

You will need SPSS installed on your computer in order to access the above file. Depending on the set-up of the computer used, on opening the data set an empty output window may appear. If this happens, navigate back to the data using 'window' which is located at the right hand side of the toolbar next to 'help' in the SPSS program.

1 = female; 2 = male

recorded as years

Marital status
1 = married; 2 = divorced; 3 = separated; 4 = other

Social class
1 = working class; 2 = middle class; 3 = upper middle class; 4 = unemployed

Number of adults (18+) in the household
number of adults

Number of children in the household
number of children

Geographical location
1 = inner city council accommodation; 2 = inner city private rented accommodation; 3 = inner city owner occupied; 4 = suburban council accommodation; 5 = suburban private rented accommodation; 6 = suburban owner occupied; 7 = rural council accommodation; 8 = rural private rented accommodation; 9 = rural owner occupied

Number of times victimized in last year
number of times

Number of times victimized by burglary in last year
number of times

Number of times victimized by sexual offences in last year
number of times

Number of victimizations reported to the police in last year
number of times

Whether respondent charged with any offences in last year
Yes = 1; No = 2

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